Way too many deaths from bad liquor


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Feb 20, 2019

The Dominican Republic is suffering a cyclical round of deaths from adulterated alcoholic beverages. Referred to as “cleren” by the press, this bootleg liquor is laced with methanol and causes death in many cases. So far, and the count is not 100% certain, there have been 47 cases of death by intoxication of around 109 cases of people that have been hospitalized. Several more could die as dozens are hospitalized. Reports are half of those that have died have been women.

This time around, the authorities have destroyed clandestine stills in Barahona, Monte Plata, Navarrete and Greater Santo Domingo, but others keep cropping up.

This time around, several of the deaths are attributed to the frozen drink called “Mondays” that is sold openly in many beach areas and has absolutely no identification information as to contents, place of production or sanitation code for sale to...

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