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Aug 4, 2004
Hi a question for all of you. I'm planning to visit DR beginning next weekend for about 5 days. I've been checking, along with a few other sites, for about a week, keeping up on Frances and Ivan.

Here's my question...when lists the forecast as 30-40% chance of t-storms, is that generally pretty accurate? When the t-storms come, are they short-quick storms or should I count on long-soaking rains where my day on the beach will be all washed up? The reason I ask is summers in Florida always have forecasts like that, but their t-storms pop-up in the late afternoon, it rains for a short period of time, then you are back on the beach.

Looking at the forecast for Saturday into early next week, we're almost considering going to Aruba instead because we really want to relax on the beach and not end up stuck inside our hotel waiting for the rains to stop.

The part of DR that we are planning to visit is Las Terrenas. Any local info from there would be appreciated.

Thanks for whatever info you can provide.

Have a good day everyone!


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Dec 4, 2003
Well, nobody knows yet which way Ivan is going to go but the five day forecast currently has it going through the west of the DR by Thursday / Friday before you would come on the saturday.

Las Terranas is over the more eastern side of Hispaniola so it could be better over there. When i have been to the DR before i have seen short bursts of heavy rain which been over and done with in a short time.

Its just a case of waiting a few more days until we see what Ivan is doing.

When the NHC update the track it might show that the rain would have passed by the Saturday you intend to travel............but.............. ya never know ;)