weekend in LT


Jan 2, 2002
Last friday and saturday my fiance, myself and 3 co workers from mexico, and argentina went to LT for some team building. Had a great time. Surprised to see lots of changes since last trip in april.

We stayed at Alisei as usual. Great hotel. The owners all know me when I show up as does some of the staff. The restaurant is very good. My buddy from Argentina tried a fish dish and said "they don't have a cook, they have a chef". He said it was the best fish he has eaten in DR. I stuck to basics, milanesa de pollo which was good. I guess because we were close to christmas, the pool bar was open friday, saturday and sunday. Cool music at a low volume with swim up bar. Relaxing.

Fiance and one female co worker did the spa thing and loved it. I think the fiance is hooked on spas now. We head to tobago on the 27th and she is already asking about spas!

The new bars in fisherman's village are actually pretty cool. We had a few drinks at One Love. My group loved the new bars. Only myself and the fiance had been to the old versions. I dig the new set up as well. The only negative was with the bars being so close the music from one bar bleeds into the one next door.

The steakhouse across the street had already changed to a new name with I assume new owners. I dug that place but the steaks were pretty bad. Great chicken finger appetizer though. Would have been nice if LT hd a real steakhouse.

Mosquitos moved way out to in front of balcones atlantico. Mojitos has added a canvas stype roof to better control the sun.
Tres Caravelles is still our fave place. The owners are always present and the food is great. We ate there two nights in a row, including my 50th bday.

We rented quads and went to playa bonita and coson. My buddies did some boogie boarding in playa bonita and we had lunch at Luis's on playa coson. HUge fish with rice, beans and tostones and a great view for cheap.

Stopped at Porto Bahia in Samana for lunch at the italian place. Also very good. I can see myself heading to LT every 2 months for a long weekend to recharge the batteries etc. I am alwasy torn between visiting someplace new and going to a place I already know as there are benefits to both.


Jul 9, 2010
LT is a wonderful place. Tres Caravelles is very good but if you want steak try Sandro's. It is on the same side of town and they import there meat from the States. Expensive but the best in town.