What Brought you Here?


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Sep 18, 2007
I recently moved to the Dominican Republic from Miami Florida. While researching for almost 3 years before moving, I came across this great tool (source of information for most of us who only had heard about DR as an economical all inclusive vacation spot in the Caribbean).

Once I finally made the bold move to this country, I continued to read on dr1 all the comments and interaction what was being exchanged, and I wondered "What brought all these writers to this Island? Was it Love, relatives, maybe Boredom or a sense of adventure for exploring new worlds; or the idea of Island life, with the carefree and uncomplicated sense of wanting a simpler life, a job transfer, possibly Retirement; or just escaping problems in our own lands, a Divorce-change of partner or a new beginning, What?
What has brought so many foreigners to this Island that is going through its growing pains, but yet has maintained its appeal?

I truly would like to see a poll asking these questions. To see the real reasons we are brought together on this Happy Island.
For me, my story is one that transcends almost 20 years, but if I see the Poll I will be happy to share my love story that still is struggling after 3 countries and all these years.

For now, I wish each and everyone a most festive, safe and memorable Holiday Season and with the hope that we are all living the life we truly strive to live.

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