What I want for Christmas...


Oct 21, 2002
I just told another poster that I've had enough of this day and then I received this ... I want one for Christmas .. the dish, not the car!

<img src="http://www.caribbetech.com/images/Motosatmobile.jpg">

In the past, there was no commercial mount available to securely hold and automatically point the bigger dishes that we need here in the Caribbean for Satellite Internet. Such a mount is now commercially available. So, for all us internet junkies, you can now carry your internet with you, in the back or on top of your truck!. This one automatically adjusts its position, and points into the satellite that it is set up for. It has a built-in gps. And then you can be on DR1 all the time :laugh::laugh:

I'm going to get trained on this equipment in September. Want one too?

(Robert will forgive me I'm sure! This is too cool not to post)