What If:


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Jul 24, 2004
The "Subject" of your thread was followed by the "Predicate"?

And maybe an odd adverb...or even a mixed dangling metaphor?

I mean, could you pass DR1 Posting 101? Could you lead that gift dog to hunt looking in it's mouth?



Jan 12, 2006
CB posted this thread 1 hour and 7 minutes after the following thread.

Santiago Warning: Local Time/Space Wormhole

He must have still been suffering from his encounter with the "Wormhole"... :alien: lol

We were driving on Rafael Vidal a few blocks from JP Duarte and were suddenly compelled to turn right into a parking lot. Minutes later we entered what is obviously the door to a wormhole, because within seconds...we were whisked into a different place and time.

I swear we were in the Home Depot on Fletcher Ave. in Tampa from 6 years ago.

The layout, the overhead signs in Spanish and English, the friendly workers in orange pocket bibs...except for the lack of inventory is was just like going home again. Like a female human in a shopping mall, I just wandered around looking and touching.

We left and returned to the here and now.

Obviously the new Bellon is a near other-world experience.

Seriously, if they can get more "stuff", it'll be cosmic.

Nice job, Bellon!