What is the best part of living in the DR ?


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Sep 25, 2002

No insult was meant if the shoe fits wear it,my problem is listening to people talk badly of Dominicans,maybe you could just have them all deported to another Island,Mr Thate I dont even remember meeting you,I did not suggest you you move because of my likes or dislikes but because of your statements about Dominicans.When I arrived here before we civilized them to bring the standard of life to how we wanted it it was a realy nice place,you want modern civilization go find it elsewhere.

Read the original posting by me I believe I did not attack anyone personally and those who know me will tell you when I do it will be painfully obvious asI am not famous for mincing my words:bandit:

From, Timex

I know all to well, J.H..
But this is the Living Forum, and I do not let any personal attacks happen here.
I can not make exceptions.
There are other forums for that.
So when I see trouble coming, I give a warning. If it sh*t happens, then I have to do something.

Tim H.:cool:
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Jan 9, 2002
Kari- where exactly in Iowa are you from? My opinions on the others' opinions will vary based on your answer.

I like the DR most because for the most part, as long as you have a little money, any money, nobody will try to tell you how to live your life. To those that do, you can tell them to get lost.

There are bars on most windows to keep someone from thinking they can climb through the window into your space. When I first came here, I thought it would feel like living in a birdcage or a jail cell, but you get over this feeling. On the other hand, the bars are handy for hanging plants from, and you don't need screens, because there aren't that many mosquitoes.

Humidity here is lower (or feels lower) than much of the Caribbean and Miami, because there are high mountains close to the coasts, so there are always breezes to keep the air moving. It NEVER gets like Iowa does in the end of July - NEVER!

100K for a house here (outside of Santo Domingo) is too much for an Iowan to spend. Maybe its ok for a New Yorker, but for you, forget it. (sorry, I couldn't wait for you to answer my first question). You can do much better.

I will withhold other advice until you reply. Thanks.


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Dec 17, 2002
The culture in many of the world's countries is "if you can't eat it, drink it or screw it, then it has no value or use" is certainly not evident in DR. I've been to most of the countries on this planet and decided to live in DR.
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Oct 21, 2002
This thread asked the question, What is the Best Part of living in the DR.

Most folks answered honestly as to what they enjoyed here. It is a pity that a few sour folks cannot see good from bad and simply try to make their own 'sour' experience 'sour' someone else.

There are many happy, well-adjusted (uhm?), content people who made the choice to live here. Tonight, the peaceful, disorganized, politically corrupt, fun, bankrupt, happy DR is a damn sight better than many other places - especially those places that we are not supposed to mention on this board.

All I can say is if you messed up the opportunity to live here, fix your mess. Don't whine where I can hear you!


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Mar 21, 2003
Yeah I know I'm long winded

First I'd like to say how much I appreciate all the replies and how I'm not surprised that there is a difference of opinion in the replies this post.Stuff happens when people are asked for their take on things. Ken, when I said I thought you were all selling yourselves short, I only meant that although I'm sure you're all correct about the classy Dominicans, it seems that you all seem to be in ready supply of it too.
Paul,the idea of having a little campo around appeals to me also now that I know what it means and I appreciated your honesty even if it did get you in trouble.
I think I may have come across as paranoid concerning crime (break-in's and bars on the windows). You've all given me what I think is a pretty accurate idea that the DR is like anywhere else with a couple twists and that there are easy remedies to minimize the risks.
Gringo Carlos, I am not from Iowa originally but I've been living in Burlington Iowa on the Mighty Miss for over 8 years now. I was glad to hear that you don't have our terrible humidity there and you're right...I don't need opulent surroundings as much as I need a change of pace and more than 2 seasons per year.
Chirimoya, I loved the picture you painted...it sounds wonderful.
I had hoped to reply here to everyone that took the time to reply but I know this isn't all about me so I'll cut this short before I'm banned for verbosity.


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Mar 13, 2003

to go back to the discussion between gated communities etc.

Lets say if you decide on buying a condo in the cabarete area, can anybody tell me what the monthly expences would be for the house (electricity etc.) and is there a difference between gated communities and properties outside? I assume within gated communities you have to pay maintenance?

I'm talking about a 1-person household.

I have been reading the story from Timex and studied his sheet with monthly expences. But because this is about a whole family I have a problem figuring out what a single person would expect to pay.

Maybe there is a thread allready about this subject but after a long search I could not find it.



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Mar 21, 2003
I have a question about building codes...

I have a question about building codes in the DR...can I post it here or do I have to start a new thread ? Does anyone have a thread to old posts containing info about the building codes in the rural DR ?