What is the record for digging up the same road??


Feb 27, 2006
Okay, so I refer to Cabarete yet again. I went through this morning and, apart from the fact that some is newly re-surfaced and the other side of the road (going west) isn't, all was fine. I returned this afternoon to total chaos yet again - lots more digging and vehicles unable to pass in opposite directions... but which side had they made the 5 huge new holes in? You guessed it, the newly resurfaced side. I am sure there is a very good explanation but I am confused to what it might be? Also understand major cable faults in Cabarete have caused electricity failure since early hours today too!! Oh, the joys of living in paradise!!!

Bob K

Aug 16, 2004
Did you forget the Dominican motto:

"Never do once what you have the oppertunity to do multiple times".

It is also called job security. The sad part is that what they are doing in Cabarete for about a year now could have been done in most countries in a week or so.

Bob K


El Mujeron
Jan 7, 2004
Nope, I think it goes to my own little-best town: San Cristobal! They paved the street (and made them about 5 feet too high - so now you need to jump to get on the sidewalk LOL) and THEN decided that they had to dig up some crap. Then patched it up and dug again - repeat process over and over and again. So today - we still have some streets that have these big ol' cement tubes just waiting to be put underground one day... I think they are waiting to pave one more time so that they can dig that up and then insert the tubes... I'll update the board when I go back on the status of this!


Feb 24, 2002
It's no wonder that they keep running out of money to complete projects. They don't put in the plans all the successive completions. They don't seem to plan at all! Maybe they really like being in Cabarete. I know they are reconstructing the water main connection at the corner of the main street and the entrance to Pro Cab.



New member
Feb 22, 2007
Then again, curruption at its finest. There seems to be a common denominator here...putting the cart before the horse. First the road bed goes down then the asphalt. But, there are several major components missing. Did we forget water mains? Ooopps.
Oh, that's right underground power was supposed to be here. Maybe we will re=pave before that happens?
What really gets me is the fact that once the road is paved, dug up a short time after, power utilities get put under, re-paved again but in bumpy patches, dug up again this time for the water line again and again and again. Only to have the end result flooded after a little decent rain storm. Certainly job security.
One would think, since torrential down pours are so prevalent here, that Dominicans would be close to experts in the engineering of drainage. I have yet to see anything built to last or better yet built in preparation for the future. After all, aren't we just living for today?