What the technical checkup could mean to vehicle owners


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Feb 20, 2019

National Transit and Transport Law 63-17, which replaced Transit Law 241 on all things relating to roads, and vehicles, calls for a technical inspection of all cars from three-wheeled motorcycles to the biggest trucks on the roads.

The media is now focusing on how the new requirement will cost taxpayers more. Taxpayers already pay a Circulation Tax (Marbete). The new requirement is intended to reduce the number of “scrap” cars that circulate on many streets in the larger cities as a form of public transportation known as “conchos” and that may or may not pass the inspections.

Conatra transport company president, Antonio Marte protests that most conchos would not pass the test. He says the same law establishes funds for transporters to purchase new vehicles and this part of the law still needs to be complied with.

So far, what is known is that the costs for the privatized...

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