What would you ask Leonel Fernandez?


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Jan 2, 1999
If you had the opportunity to interview the ex-president Leonel Fernandez (PLD), what questions would you ask him?

We are ONLY looking for QUESTIONS, not answers, opinions, feelings, thoughts or chit chat.

Any posts that are not questions will be removed along with that posters access to DR1. This is a serious request, so only serious people should post questions.



Jan 1, 2002
there is one very important question

Plus a couple of others.

1) How are you going to avoid a continuation of the "Come solo" attitude within your government?

2) Now that Punta Cana is going so well, will you begin a massive effort to rehabilatate the North Shore Tourist Pole?

3) Can you possibly create a Transit Authority to oversee the administration of the funds generated by the Tolls, so that the highways are repaired in a timely fashion?

How is that for serious??


Jan 1, 2002
1. When you ran for your first term, you promised a crackdown on corruption. One of your first acts as President was to greatly increase the salary of the President and top officials, using the argument that high pay removes the desire to be corrupt. As I recall, your salary was higher than the President of the US and your other top officials were on a par with their counterparts in the US.

However, there wasn't the expected follow through on this pledge, and rumors and signs of corruption wee as prevalent as ever. What can we expect in your second term? The public wants a crackdown on corruption as evident by all the polls. Are you going to do so?

2. The projects you began in Samana toward the end of your first term, for example, to make the harbor a magnet for yachtsmen, have been dead during the current administration. Do you intend to restart the Samana project?
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Jan 1, 2002

Any chance that Samana Peninsula will have a International Airport?
This is a repeat question I ask him in February 2003, when he visit Las Terrenas, see picture here:
<Img src="http://www.samana.net/storage003/lionel.jpg">


Jan 8, 2002
Mr President.

Will you tell the truth?

What would you do right from the start of a new adminstration to make the operation of government transparent?

How would you sell the new government in a manner the people would have confidence in it?

What steps would you take to motivate government employees to do their jobs professionally and without corruption?

What is the first thing you would do to plug the holes in the Republica Dominicana's ailing economy and do so without a foreign bailout?

Regards, PJT


Jan 1, 2002
How long do you think it will take to make the economy better for poor Dominicans?

Will you ever be able to straighten out the Electricity problems and stop blackouts?

Can you get back any of the money the current government has stolen?

Are you going to fire most of Hippo's crooks?

Will you replace them with your own crooks?

I have too many more questions to list here right now but these are a start.

Can I write the speeches for all the questions so many people have for you?


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Jan 20, 2003
Here are my questions:

1. Will you continue your industrialization process or will you continue the Hippo re-farming deal?

2. Will you attract foreign investment (according to the laws of Capitalism, such as fixing the economy first, etc.) to push the DR out of this hole Hippo has aggrandized beyond proportion?

3. I don't mind if you plan to be or tolerate some corruption, it happens in all democracies. It's part of the landscape. But, will your administration be as Corrupt to the point of destroying the country like the current administration? (notice: not my personal opinion, just look at the stats)

4. What are your goals for the Dominican Republic? Where do you see the Dominican situation to be by the time your administration is over? Will the ratings of the country go up or continue to slide? The Dollar-Peso ratio, up or down?

I know this is not a question, but Fernandez (only if his plans goes according or close to plan), you should shove all your successes, especially if you fix the economy, in Mejia's face. (i.e. when talking to the public (if the economy gets better because of your policies) about the better economy, say that it happened because you were in power, not hippo, etc.

Keith R

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Jan 1, 2002
Mr. President, your Administration did very little to promote environmental protection during your administration, perhaps in part due to the fact the framework Environment Law was not adopted until you left office.

(1) will enviornmental protection be more a priority in a second Fernandez Administration?

(2) if so, what would be the top environmental priorities of your next Administration?

(3) who would be your choice for Environment Secretary?

(4) what would you do with the authority provided by the Environment Law that President Mejia has not?

(5) how would your administration promote greater compliance with existing environmental rules?

Tom F.

Jan 1, 2002
rural electrification

I would ask Leonel about how he would electrify some 200,000 homes not connected to the grid.


Jan 1, 2002
Do you think it is possible to do away with uniforms for public school students so that EVERY Domincan child has the opportunity for an education?

How would you improve the health care facilities and availablity of medicine?

Can your administration address the problem of domestic violence?

Would you provide training for jobs for the single mothers who are forced into prostitution to provide for thier children?

Would you start and follow through with a program for the sex education to include sexual diseases, social behavior, and birth control methods?

How would you improve the corruption level in the police departments?

Would you get serious about stopping the flow of drug traffic in the Dominican Republic from all countries?

Would you get address the possibililty and probrability of terrorist hiding in the DR or using the island as a passing through point?

More questions to follow


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Dec 9, 2002
How will you, as President, work towards:

- ending the practice of political patronage?

- real decentralisation of executive power?

- greater environmental awareness and responsibility from the individual to the corporate and government levels?

- a more diversified and community-oriented model for the tourist sector?

Any chance of swapping the budget allocations for the military and the education ministry?

(OK, I accept the last one was a bit cheeky, but nothing wrong with dreaming...)



Mar 14, 2002

As president, what will be your top five goals and how do you plan to achieve them?


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Jan 9, 2002
Sr Fernandez-

Why don't you drop out of the 2004 Presidential race at this very moment, and refuse to present a PLD candidate for President???

Just hand the election to Hipolito and the PRD and allow them to implode in their first year of the new administration. There is very little left to divert or steal anyway.

This would create a very strong likelihood that the entire PRD Senate and PRD Camara of Diputados would be ousted in the elections in 2006, and replaced with PLD and PRSC members.

You could then assume the following Presidential term in the 2008 elections with the full backing of the Senate and Camara, avoiding a repeat of your past presidency's experiences, and actually allowing yourself a full 4 years to make the changes you want to make, without fighting any enemies in Congress.


Jan 1, 2002
- In your administration the "westernization? of the capital (malls, fast-food chains everywhere, glorification of ?western world? brand of consumerism) was seen, and promoted by, your administration as a sign of prosperity and development, something that further widened the gap between rural and urban areas. The people in the ?campos? were resentful and felt abandoned by your government. Will you continue to promote these values, or do you plan to address ?development? in a fashion that is more in tune with our own reality?

- In hindsight, what would you have done differently in your presidency?

- If you were handed over government today what would you do about the currency exchange problem? What do you think would be the outcome of the actions you would take?

- Will you send troops to Iraq when our troops return in August should it be requested by the US administration?

- What is your opinion about re-election?
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Aug 7, 2003
*Are you going to spend 4 years complaining about how broke the PRD left the country, or instead are you gonna star fixing it?
*Are you gonna punish the "gentleman" that have destroy this beautiful country?
*Are you gonna make a plan to teach civic's education and make it work?
*Is the dominican peso going to worth something?
and finally
*Is your government going to respect this country???

Adrian Bye

Jul 7, 2002
The DR is perfectly positioned to become a host for global internet businesses.

It is
- close to the USA
- has a decent infrastructure (excepting the electricity)
- is a fun place to live

We don't need out of touch "cyberparks" with huge operating expenses. We're small, lean and extremely efficient.

People working on the internet bring lots of USD into the country that would otherwise not be here. This is a trend that has only barely begun, but could become huge if properly nurtured.


1. What are you doing to encourage this trend, and the influx of USD that comes with it?
2. What will you do to encourage people like myself to stay here instead of moving to Costa Rica or Panama?


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Jul 10, 2002
The business community has been complaining constantly about the lack of support from the current administration in everything from promotion of exports to taxation. What will you do to guarantee a healthy and prosperous business sector?

simpson Homer

Nov 14, 2003
Punish the Politic Ganster

I don't know what is your Goverment Plan for 2004 - 2008
but here are my cuestion.

1 - Will you put back to the Prission the people from "Baninter" ?

2 - are you going to take control about food items over price ?

3 - Are you going to open business trade with Canada and Europe?

4 - Are you going to punish the politician that are stealing people money?

5 - Some of the people here in Dr1 maybe doesnt have knowledge about " La Ciudad del Ni?o" are you going to finish that proyect ? "Why every president are afraid to tak about it?

6 - 4 year is no enogh to solve Dominican Rep. problems, are you going to invest in area to develop the country for example having a airline you can start buying 7 aircraft "NOT CREDIT" "NOT FIAO"
the country already have enough debt this is time to investing in some thing that may give work oportunities to people and get money to pay debts.

7 - are you going to give work opportunities to people or are you going to give job to your own party?

8 - Are you going to listen the people or the Diplomatic guy that will be sitting next to you ?

Every president are forgeting that is the Domican people from the farm, the hoods, the countries and city that are making you lead the Island is not the fancy rich guys who are votting.

Guys, 4 year could be enough time if goverment make politician pay right the way for them own mistake "Trujillo was a bad guy" but the Public ministers were less currupt.

please not promises.