What would you ask Leonel Fernandez?


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Dec 18, 2003
Chirimoya said:
What would you ask him now?


Mr. Presidente ..How exactly are you going to get some of the $US10 billion that fled, to be re-invested into the Dominican economy :D


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Jan 20, 2003
Narcosis said:
Mr. Presidente ..How exactly are you going to get some of the $US10 billion that fled, to be re-invested into the Dominican economy :D

Narcosis, I think that much of that money will find its way back to Dominicana. Much of that money fled because of Mr. "Cacopelao" in office right now. I wonder if Hippo's unprofesional manner of speaking had an effect in the confidence of investors in addition to all the other problems. By Leonel bieng in office once again, half the battle for confidence to be restored has been won. The next step is finding a way to maintain confidence of depositors that their deposit money will not be at risk of being lost. And for investors that they will or might only have limited liability if their investment fails due to external factors such as a downswing in the economy due to government policies, but not if the investment simply were bad investment. Leonel already said that his first priority is lowering inflation and stabilizing the peso, two very good things to restore confidence. That dark cloud that covered the DR under Hipolito's rule is now allowing patches of sunlight to get through. Hopefully, a sunny day for the DR is awaiting our arrival.


Aug 7, 2003
*Are you and your party able to learn from the past, from your former goverment, from this one, and try to fix some of the mistakes done?
*Are you serious about fixing this economy, and everything that it takes..
*Are you going to respect the people..
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Tony C

Jan 1, 2002
simpson Homer said:
Eggs 1 unitt $5 Pesos
Bread 1 unit $5 pesos
rice 1 pound $20 pesos
Chicken 1 pound $25 pesos

Are you going to complain or are you going to low the price to the regular price?
Are you advocating more price controls? If so are you prepared for the greater damage that it will cause?
simpson Homer said:
Leon, Don't tell me that is imported I'm sick to heard that answer
You may be sick of the answer but Leonel cannot do a damn thing about prices abroad.
simpson Homer said:
If buying the oil to US or Venezuela is that spensive for the country as concecuency pushing you to raise the price of food items and some others thing.
Why you don't deal with Cuba, Brazil, Europe or Russia who ever sell oil cheaper to you "Oh please don't tell me that Euro its so far and it will take 5 year to get to the DR"
Cuba has no oil to give.
If you haven't noticed but Crude oil prices are at a all time high. The D.R. can negotiate but the fact of the matter is that Oil prices are going to go up. Considering that the D.R. has no oil of its own I find that the price of gas is way too low. I believe the D.R. should cut some of the subsidies and spend the money where it is needed
simpson Homer said:
Every of your guys need to do declaration of propierties and declaration of bank acount, also non politician is allow to have international bank acount.
interesting Idea but then you are delving into the issue of Citizen government and civil liberties.

frank alvarez

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Apr 13, 2004
questions for Leonel

President Fernandez,
--- would you be willing to break the tradition of every new government 'looking the other way' regarding the illegal raids on the Dominican treasury by all previous administrations and name a "Fiscal Especial para la Persecuci?n de la Corrupci?n"? Someone like Vincho Castillo with authority to go after the thieves, including those in your administration in 1996-2000, which have taken the people's resources in the past?

--- are you prepared to do whatever it takes to finally, once and for all, solve the nation's energy problem? Something which could be your historical legacy to the country?

ginger ale

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May 6, 2004
Tordok said:
se?ol, dostol president?simo LeoneRRR: no habr? un carguito por ah? pa' mi? ut? sabe que yo s? hacel bien muchas cosas,... quiere que le brille las botas? o tal v? me puede pon? a mand? en algo chiquititico, como la secretar?a de obra p?blica o adminitradol de la aduana? s? ombe, manito, d?me algo que yo sufr? mucho con el PPH y ahora nos toca a nosotro.
that's the typical lamb?n question for the presidente

A bit more seriously though, I would like to know, Mr. President, How can you help make this country's judiciary stronger and truly independent from executive maipulation? Will you be able to make transparency in public management a reality? Will you consider the dollarization of the economy?

This made my day! I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! Thank you!


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Apr 19, 2004
The international arena

I would ask him how he sees Dominican Republic on the international arena and what would he do to put Dominican Republic in its right place it?

Another question which has been asked but still want to ask it again, what will happen to all the crooks who stole money?


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May 16, 2004
Questions about the future of RD

Would you President Leonel take up the opportunity to open up the Dominican Republic for US retirees and to dominicans returning to retire by promoting and implementing immigration friendly policies for retirees? For example - working out a deal with the US Social Security agency to allow medicare coverage in the DR.

Would you as president create the necessary financial incentives to allow dominicans to invest in the country without worring that their assets would be confiscated as our current burro did with Bancredito depositors?

Would you create the dominican equivalent of a Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae, Freddie mac to create HOPE in the internal economic future of the country?


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Oct 24, 2003
DGAC Category 2* imposed by FAA in 1993

Mr. Elected President, during your 1996-2000 administration gave a significant economical support to
the DGAC (Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil) to solve
this old situation which prohibits commercial operations to
(HI) Dominican Republic registered aircraft to enter US territory,alleged reason by FAA is the lack of compliance with ICAO 1,6 and 8 annexes (Legal,Operations and
Airworthiness). This important sector of our economy has been inactive since then, what is your next administration
planning to do to recover FAA Cat 1? Are you going to hire/
contract competent , responsible technical personnel for both managing and operating positions?, by solving this
problem would open discussions for starting at least one
airline with our flag colors which could operate with some
revenue offering a safe ,acceptable and low cost service
especially for our compatriots who travel frequently from/to USA and tourists who visit us.


Mar 23, 2004
Excellent points!

I agree with your points below. However, I think that transparency is something that needs to be done more thoroughly. People need access to the information and be able to track how funding is being spent. This will result in better accountability. The problem lies is that Dominicans have never really seen what an effective government really LOOKS/FEELS like.
This should help curb corruption and raise the trust/confidence factor in gov't offices.


Nal0whs said:
for the judiciary part, they should start by moving the entire judiciary sector of the government to Santiago or Puerto Plata.

The transparency in public management could very easily be proven if the government could have a legitimate backlash to every insult and blame the opposition throws in.

If Dominican companies become bigger and much more influential at least in the Caribbean basin, the DR will rely less on the Dollar and increase demand for the Peso. Of course, after such thing if the Dollar still proves to be a major obstacle, then we can talk about Dollarization.