Whenwill EGA Haina Generator Plant be "up to snuff"

Texas Bill

Feb 11, 2003
I noticed in today's El Caribe/El Dinero section a graph that gave the production capabilities versus the actual production. Don't know if that was for today or when.
The main reason for bringing this up is that thegraph listed EGE Haina as having a 45.72% production rate and that EGE Itabo had a 51.18 production rate.
Both ofthese production facilities have been in the news frequently of late as being "Offline" for maintenance. I just wonder if that "Maintenance" is actual or just an excuse to not produce because they are being paid for "Production Capacity" even when they are "offline".
That is the agreement under the "Madrid Agreement" and many other production facilities are underthesame agreement. This agreement also applies to the 2 Coal-fired Plants at Azua and Manzanillo, if they ever get built.
On top of that, the Distribution Companies purchase much of their needed power from the "Spot Market"
Since the "Spot Market" handles ONLY the power not purchased under contract with the Distribution Companies and there is a severe deficit in Production, WHERE IS THE ELECTRICITY COMING FROM THAT IS BEING PLACED ON THE SPOT MARKET??????
That has been a conundrum for me for a long time. It hasn't been mentioned for awhile, but was frequently given as an excuse for high priced rates during El Hippo's Administration.
SOMETHING IS VERY ROTTEN IN DENMARK, my friends and the smell isn't from the cheeze.

Texas Bill
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