where can I find?


Jan 1, 2002
Craftsman Tools are around--sometimes

Craftsman tools are sold at several of the hardware stores.

However, there is NO Sears in the DR.

And, the selection is very limited and the lifetime guarantee is a joke. But they usually don't break....

You can get pretty fair tools--Makita, Milwaukee, Proto, Snap-On, but the prices are sometime beyound belief!

Check out Ferreter?a Ochoa and Americana for tools....

Sep 19, 2005
I can vouch for Ochoa having a good selection of hand tools.. I was buying a few tools for some previous projects... and they had a lot of options from 6 point to 12 point to deep sockets, to impacts..all sold individually... they also had cheap, medium and top end choices....I am not usre but there was a very high end maker they sold...I am thinking it was S-K, and I think i saw Proto......I dont remember seeing craftsman.......

You could also try Bellon....but Ochoa has the tools out in the isle, where you can ponder with them in your hands...I think Bellon has them behind a counter... and you have to ask, and lean over the counter....yada yada yada.....

good luck