Where to buy a portable hot tub (not inflatable)?


Jul 9, 2010
I want to buy a portable hot tub. Portable means that it does not require permanent electrical/plumbing installation. Not inflatable, of course.

Something like this (click here) or this (click here)

Shipping this thing from US costs a lot. Any local dealers?
Take your pick up truck. Line the bed with a tarp and fill with water. Very portable. This is the red nick hot tub. Oh yeah, also have cooler of beer handy.


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Jun 18, 2011
hot tub

I don't think you'll find these in stock, but all the shipping costs are included in their price. The only down side is that delivery is usually a month or more.
if your close to sosua check out HVP plaza if close to Santiago try Ochoa
May 29, 2006

They have for 6 person or 2 also, just look in the hot tub section.

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Geez, I might just get me one of those..I used to go to local gym that had one, but they got too lazy with changing the water and keeping up with the chems.

One issue with hot tubs is if they are only on 110v it will take several hours for it to get to temp. Think of a single hot plate as the heater for about 80 gallons of water. So, you need to put the cover on it to keep it near temp. It seems to me you get what you pay for with them.
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Aug 6, 2006
The difference between a spa and a pool is a matter of scale. I once owned a house with a poorly maintained pool. I spent hours and hours shocking it and filtering it until I realized that I would have to drain the damned thing. So I drained it, repaired some cracks and filled it up again. Then I had to get the pump motor overhauled, and while that was taking place, the water turned greenish.

After about $1000 in chemicals and other crap from a store laughingly called "Pinch A Penny", I got it to a swimmable state. Then along came Hurricane David, which shut up the electricity for two weeks and destroyed the screens surrounding the pool. I doubt that a spa could possibly be such a pain. Spas are small, and easier to clean and maintain.

I saw an ad in the Miami Herald about a special sale on spas. So I went to the showroom of the company that had the ad, and the salesman had never heard of anything that was in the ad, and was so utterly Joe Isuzu a character that I abandoned the entire idea of a spa. No matter what this creep sold me, I just knew it would be a mistake. No infomercial I have ever seen even came close.