Where to find amber?


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May 4, 2008
Fellow DR1 members,

I did not know which forum would be the right one to post this question.
Where one could find quality, unmounted amber in a mass production on the lowest price?
My friend who's expert on jewelry and suppliers is on vacation in EU and I can't seem to reach her.
Any info would be appreciated!

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Simon & Nicky

Feb 3, 2004
On The Touristica

Well past most of the other little shops and houses that sell amber you will come across quite a steep bend in the road to the left, the road is now dropping quite steeply down towards Santiago. On your left is a little blue and white shop, on your right another both selling amber. I prefer the family on the left. I just bought an uncut piece for a friend of mine that I took back to the UK. It was the size of a cricket ball and cost $1000 pesos.

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