White is the preferred color for vehicles in the Dominican Republic


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Feb 20, 2019

It’s the same all around the world. There are more white vehicles in the Dominican Republic than those of any other color, as reported in El Dinero.

White vehicles keep the vehicle cooler, for one. Other reasons is the ease of maintenance. If you have a golden car, with the years the color will fade. And if you have to fix a section of the car, matching it with the new color may become a nightmare.

Furthermore, experts say that white car paint makes things look larger than its opposite, black, that creates a slimming effect. So, if you have a small car, it will appear to be a big car.

On the other hand, the interiors of the white cars will usually come in black, gray or tan. The lighter interiors will show actual dirt much more.

After white, in the Dominican Republic people prefer gray and then, blue. Red, black, green, gold and brown and silver follow...

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