Who is the "PLP"?


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Jan 5, 2002
Remember the "PPH"(Proyecto Presidencial Hipolito)? Who doesn't know the sinister arm of Hipolito Mejia, a group of power brokers who is considered a crime family by the U.S. department. Some of their illustrious names include Guido Gomez Mazara, the darling of the French DEA and the man most likely to have a U.S. visa denied; Eligio Jaquez, The PPH head honcho, who only four years ago was a mediocre politician and farmer who own a small little farm plot, ran for mayor of Santo Domingo and lost miserably and has never run for office again, but today owns a Bani Villa and farm worth over US$2 million, and the list goes on and on....

But now comes the "PLP"(Proyecto Leonel Presidente). This group is similarly talented in crime. This is the same group that sorrounded Leonel Fernandez during his tenure as president and now claims to have 90,000 members, inside a party that barely has 450,000 hard voters. In this group we have people like Aristipo Vidal, former lottery director and a greaser like the best of Mayor Daley's Chicago patronage machine. "Where is your mustache" Bautista, former Agrarian Reform chief under Leonel, most famous for overrunning a pregnant woman and leaving the scene of the accident, switching place with his bodyguard in the driver's seat so he clould be blamed for it(knowing full well he could get him out easily out of jail), then when the jeepeta he drove was stopped after a chase by police, the police found an arsenal of Uzzis, hand grenades and other long range weapons. I could go on and on with this list.

But for those who are celebrating the possible departure of the "PPH", don't despair. Leonel's crime family will not keep you bored. You soon will hear of names like Luis Inchausti , The PEME scandal man, Diandino Pe?a, public works man who became a billionaire with government construction contracts and others. The show goes on.