Why no line at airport Immigration for Citizens at POP?


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Jan 12, 2013
Punta Cana and SD both have Citizens lines. In PUJ you clear customs in minutes no matter the crowd. Just seems POP is out of the loop................

Is PUJ, Punta cana ? I arrived twice there, never again..... Utter chaos, hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in line for immigration.

Dozens and dozens in the citizen line ( that you can use with residency ), however I was lucky as they had just put in place the e-ticket. Literally 70%+ of Dominicans hadn't got the memo, so they were being put aside to fill in the e-ticket, over a wifi from the dark ages😆😆😆. Since I had already got my QR code, i "jumped the queue".
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Apr 1, 2013
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STI never had one. There is the Autogate option on arrival for anyone that is a member (which is basically every Dominican citizen, but most have no idea it exist or that they have to register once and the "membership" last for as long the passport hasn't expired; hence the line for immigration which in STI Dominican citizens are probably most of the people.) That skips the line to immigration altogether and usually breeze through as there is never a line, ever. To keep it that way, it's essential for most Dominican citizens to not know it exist for normal people.

With that said, it doesn't matter much if STI has one or not. STI is its own private company while POP is a government airport. The reference point for comparison for POP is Las Américas.
In the case of STI being tourist will be the fast line, I could say 90% of the trafic into STI are Dominicans and a lot of the tourist coming in has dual citizenship USA/DR.


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May 7, 2016
At Toronto there is a line for citizens and residents and a separate line for visitors. only difference is the visitor line is usually much shorter the the other.
Those days long gone …self check kiosk for immigration. 1st checks your paper gets marks and he points to where he wants you, 2nd check of paper before baggage collection a= let’s see what your carry on has B = get your bags , then after collecting bags last check left your free and out, right your in for more probing ..you have no choice which way you end up ..