Why should you advertise on DR1?


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Mar 3, 2005
I have advertised on DR1 since Robert was still called "Bobby" <smile>. Seriously, it has been a very long and very beneficial investment I've made in advertising on DR1.

All of the villas we represent, the resorts we represent and even the real estate company we have. All of them are very happy with the DR1 advertising results. They are more than simply ads, they are effective ads!


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Sep 12, 2004
I must say, DR1 is my number one source of leads. I have been very happy with the results produced from my advertising dollars! Thank you Robert and everyone at DR1. Happy New Year!


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Jan 2, 1999
Caribbean Dream T.O. has been a satisfied advertiser with dr1.com for years. Over this time, we've received numerous inquires through our ad that have resulted in direct sales and have paid for the ads worth many times over. Recently, we were informed that advertisers could post in the dr1 forum with an advertiser's signature that gave us a direct link to our Directory Page Ad.

The dr1 forum is a gold mine for any advertiser to be active in with thousands of members posting about everything under the sun in the Dominican Republic. By simply following the rules and being helpful to posters you can promote your product at the same time!

In the three months we have actively posted on the forums with our advertiser's signature, the click through rate on our ad has increased by almost 300%!! We are incredibly happy with this feature on dr1 that allows us to take control of our advertisement and run with it. Thanks again!

Garry Muzeau, Co-owner, Caribbean Dream T.O.