Will the PRM and the PLD get the 80% of political parties funding?


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Feb 20, 2019

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) would be getting the lion’s share of the taxpayer funding to political organizations, according to an analysis by Juan Bolivar Díaz in Hoy. The law establishes that 80% of the funds be distributed to political parties winning at least 5% of the vote. Only the PRM and the PLD received that level of votes. In 2016, the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC) had reached the cut, too.

The feature in Hoy reports that the decision is based on a 21 May 2020 ruling by the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) and resolutions by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) on guidelines for determining the percentage of votes.

For the 2016 election, the calculation for ballot order and financing was based on the presidential level voting. In resolutions 34-2019 and 35-2019 of...
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