Will there be consequences for government officers not declaring their true worth?


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Feb 20, 2019

The Public Ministry announced it will be checking the veracity of worth statements submitted by the new and outgoing government officers. By law, high-ranking government officers are required to present their worth statements at the start and end of each term

As the government officers comply with the requirement, the media wonders if the time has come for the document to be more than just a formality, just a piece of paper. To date, the Chamber of Accounts, has not applied controls to the documents. Looking into the worth statements’ veracity and acting upon irregularities has not been an issue either for the Attorney General’s Office, or the Ethics Agency of the Presidency, nor the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Now, the heads of the Chamber of Accounts (the same as under the Medina administration) say the declarations will be verified and the law will be enforced. Yet...
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