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Sep 28, 2006
Hello! everyone. Has anyone switch to this new cable company? I presently have SKY and really have no problem except that they repeat a lot of shows. I was away for month and when I return they were still showing the same program for a month ago. This company claims that they transmit directly from the states and that the programs repeated are the ones the stations back in the states or the origin of the stations are repeating. I called them and they were unable to tell me which channels are in English.

I'm interested in the channels that are in English. I know that they have 24 in Spanish. But the rest I'm not sure.

If you currently have WIND as your cable company. Please share your experiences with me.



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Jun 28, 2004
any new updates on wind?

any new updates on wind?
Feb 7, 2007
any new updates on wind?

Yes, WIND Telecom and Cable & Wireless International Caribbean (LIME) have partnered together for new submarine cable to connect DR with the rest of Caribbean and North America mainland. WIND will provide landing station facilities to C&W/LIME in the Dominican Republic.

There have been some full-page ads in major newspapers recently.

LIME selecciona a WIND Telecom para su proyecto de cable submarino en Rep?blica Dominicana ? Gadget Dominicana