Wireless Internet?


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Jul 24, 2004
So our internet with Claro in Jarabacoa continues to suck and gets worse.

Today by chance we chatted with a respected regidor of Jarabacoa, someone we've known for years.

We expressed our disappointment with the mayor's refusal to work a reasonable franchise deal to expand bandwidth to Jarabacoa, and maybe fiber optics. We repeated what Claro techs told us.

He flatly said it was a lie, that never once has Claro ever even applied for any franchise for fiber optics, and what fiber in the city that was installed was their test bed. And, he continued, he's been told that neither Claro or Altice have any intention of expanding service to this town regardless of the complains. He claimed that this topic is #1 about which people come to him.

And since we know him, we believe him. His business, which has grown, is computers and tech. We used to build websites for them.

It also seems that the response of the IPS's has driven him to provide wireless internet service outside the city. First we've heard of it. It's more expensive than Claro, but he claims he can deliver up to 20/2mb with solid stability, especially in our neighborhood.

The system uses a small dish, maybe 12-14" diameter, mounted up high wired to a wifi modem.

I know wireless exists, but have zero exposure to it. Does anyone here have experience with wireless internet?

The equipment costs around US$125 installed, and a 20/2mb package costs just under US$100 a month. That is not much more than we pay now for crappy 5/1mb service.

Any input would be appreciated.


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Jun 16, 2014
We had wireless internet at our condominium and it worked fine - until all the snowbirds showed up in January and at night everybody was online downloading and streaming movies. It then slowed to a crawl or didn't work at all.

An important question to ask is just how many users could he guarantee a 20/2mb to. Also, those figures tend to be based on the fact that not everyone will be consuming bandwidth at the same time.


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Feb 7, 2007
Search for WISP on Google to get more gasp of what you will be getting. If done right, it can work well. If done improperly with bad install and config it will be a headache. The DR WISPs resell Claro (and sometimes Altice) so your IP will most likely be Claro anyway. The Internet will most likely be backhauled from La Vega.


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Feb 22, 2012
Send me a message on whatsapp 8295493103, I live in Jarabacoa and I think I'm using the same internet guy you are planning on installing, I can give you more info..! pce


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Sep 28, 2015
I rented a house up in El Choco for two months that had it and it worked flawlessly. The cost was 2500 pesos a month for 5mb,if you wanted more you could get additional 5 mb for the same price,the house had 10mb for 5000 pesos,expensive but it worked great.