Women protestors survive an attempt at poisoning


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Feb 20, 2019

The Attorney General Office and the Central Criminal Investigations Agency of the Police (Dicrim) are investigating the poisoning of at least 12 persons at the women’s protest camp set up in front of the Presidential Palace. The tent camp was set up about a month ago as a reminder to President Luis Abinader that he had promised to back the three grounds against abortion when campaigning for President. Today, the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) legislators are not backing the initiative in Congress. When the PRM was in opposition, it backed the three grounds.

The intoxicated persons received medical attention at the Cuban Medical Center and the Universidad Central del Este (UCE) Hospital. As reported, Noticias journalist Hector de la Cruz, cameraman Delvis Hernandez and driver Luis Ramón Luciano are among the dozen or so people...

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