Work on Cruise Ship?


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Aug 31, 2005
Can anyone advise me how a Dominicana (yes, a lady) might find work on a cruise ship?

The lady currently lives in the Dominican Republic. I'm advised (though I've no idea if it's true) that Cruise Ship employers would be able to assist her get the necessary work visa(s) and she would obviously be able to apply for a passport herself.

Any useful advice would be much appreciated (especially if based on experience!!!).

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 11, 2007
Hi Solisdad:

I really cant answer the question but be patient. Someone will eventually answer. No need to post twice.



Feb 22, 2010
I worked for P&O some years ago, on the engineering side of things and so my entry is probably not relevant, so I'll tell you best I know from what went on on the other side of things. First of all she needs to know what she wants to do. You can't just say 'I want a job on a cruise ship', these things are like small villages with all the stuff you would find in a village. I doubt (although I could be wrong) that she will be apply for any engineering positions and so for customer care/general entertainment/food and bevi/housekeeping etc. it is very tight as there are a lot of applications. They often have open days, recruitment days at a hotel somewhere and you can go along with your CV and try to get noticed and a call back (the call back periods can be a long time, Like 3 month) or sent to a head office for your interview. This is generally the only way someone without experience will get hired as there are only a certain amount of trainee positions each year.
Best bet is to get experience in a hotel or some kind of experience in the area she wants to get into, it really will be very very difficult unless she has a strong resume to go with. Cruise ships are extremely popular.
Her needing assistance with legalities will only break down her chances more.
Experience is everything on these things.