Works advance to expand Santo Domingo Metro passenger capacity


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Feb 20, 2019

The Santo Domingo Metro Office (Opret) reports that works are advancing to double the platforms at elevated stations so that the six new cars can operate. The new cars are needed to eliminate the long lines of metro riders. The platforms are being extended from 60 to 120 meters, the required length for the six new car trains’ operation that will double the passenger transportation capacity of the Santo Domingo subway.

Rafael Santos Pérez, executive director of OPRET, says the expansion works are carried out when the Metro is closed, that is from 11pm to 5am.

The first of four prefabricated steel box girders, approximately 30 meters long, were installed at the Gregorio Luperón Station this Wednesday and Thursday. These will be placed at each elevated station and will serve as support for a reinforced concrete slab, and in turn, will allow passenger access to the extra train cars, once placed...

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