Your Feedback on Learning English/Learning Spanish in DR

Charles Lowman

New member
Mar 14, 2010
I'm interested in hearing DR1 member feedback on their experiences with:
  1. English institutes and tutors
  2. Spanish institutes and tutors
i.e. costs, session length, session frequency, teaching methods, level of competency achieved, general perception of the learning experience.

You can PM me if you don't want to voice your opinions on the board.


Aug 20, 2007
I can only speak for Las Terrenas, I don't need to learn english but my wife does. I do not have a very high opinion of the very sparse provisions here. No emphasis is given to pronunciation and most of the homework tasks are taken from a german book. luckily I speak german and am able to tell her what the question means!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spanish lessons I have had from a guy called Fortuna, very knowledgeable about Rep. Dom, and its history and yes he has helped me a lot with my spanish. RD$350 an hour, when he turns up !!
The Spanish questions thread on dr1 has been very helpful.