Los Marlins Golf Course, Metro Country Club
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Name: Bo (DR1)  Handicap: 12  Review Date: July 20th 2007  Tee Time: 11:35
Fairways are surrounded by a 1st cut of rough from which the ball is easily played. There is a lot of real estate along the course with a lot of out of bounds stakes. Check with your caddie before teeing off. During the round we saw only two other groups. If you go early on week days you may have the place to yourself.

Practicing facilities are all placed on the way from the pro shop to the first tee. The range looks a little worn with only one of the distance markers in place.
Course layout:
Not much change in elevation but that was expected from the landscape the course is set in.
Fairways are generally wide and greens without too much undulation.
The vegetation is more or less the same all around.
Bermuda grass all over although patches of wide leafed weed are visible on and around greens in particular. On the green it has been cut short and putts almost as the real grass while off the green it really grabs your club.
Greens feel "spiky" and I had a feeling the ball was rolling on these spikes and it gave me a hard time judging the line of the putts. Tees and fairways are in good shape.
Sand in bunkers was very soft. I really sank in as did the ball. Drawing a good lie in a bunker was close to impossible.
Professional and attentive staff in pro shop, reception and caddy shack. Nice clean bathrooms. We didn't use the club house changing facilities.
900 pesos per golfer with a FEDO-golf card, 60 pesos for a bucket of range balls. Caddie tip around 300 pesos. US$40 for a set of nice rental clubs.
19th hole:
Indoor restaurant with A/C. Terrace bar/restaurant in nice surroundings adjacent to recreational area with pool and lounge chairs with a view to the 18th green. Sandwiches ran around 200 pesos while the most expensive meal was 300 pesos.
Value for money rating:
Los Marlins is an okay golf course and it isn't that expensive either. The weed problem needs to be solved but you can still play the course and have a nice outing. The course lacks that specific hole where you say "Wow!" and some places you feel you're playing out of someone's back yard but it's still good value for your money.
Hole Descriptions & Photos:
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1st hole, par 5, 483 yds:
As long as you don't go short left off the tee into the long fairway bunker you'll be in good shape. Your second shot should be placed to the right of a large tree in ample space between three bunkers to give a good angle into the green, which has the most severe slopes you'll meet all day. This doesn't mean they are steep at all though.
2nd hole, par 3, 120 yds:
Bunkers front, right and left guards the green along with rough all the way from the tee to the front bunker. You'll have to fly you tee shot all the way.
3rd hole, par 4, 350 yds:
There are three bunkers down the left side so seek the right side of the fairway. This will also give the better angle into the green which protected by bunkers left and right.
4th hole, par 3, 193 yds:
Toughest par 3 on the course. Bunkers left and right plus mounds around the green will test your accuracy.
5th hole, par 4, 369 yds:
A straight forward hole with three bunkers on the right side of the fairway. Green side bunkers front left and right and back left.
6th hole, par 5, 491 yds:
A wide landing area in front of a lake with a rock serving as the aiming point off the tee. Longer hitters should consider clubbing down to play safe short of the lake. The landing area for the second shot is narrow with a large bunker running down the left side. This bunker is not visible until you cross the bridge over the lake. Green side bunkers left of - and behind the green.
7th hole, par 3, 153 yds:
You have to cross a lot of water and sand to get to this green so picking an extra club is probably a good choice. Getting back onto the green is a lot easier if you’re long than short.
8th hole, par 4, 357 yds:
Slight dogleg left with a large fairway bunker hugging the corner. There's a large bunker guarding the right side of the green and a smaller back left.
9th hole, par 4, 371 yds:
Slight dogleg right. Your tee shot has to clear a lake and stay left of the fairway bunker to the right but short of the fairway bunker on the left. There's sand in front of and to the left and right of the green.
10th hole, par 4, 356 yds:
Dogleg left. A draw off the tee will help you clear the trees on the left but make sure you still keep it out of the fairway bunkers on the left. There's a good chance to run your approach onto the green as the only bunker is placed well right.
11th hole, par 3, 192 yds:
The large green is protected by a bunker to the left and a lake short right. This is another par 3 where you'll be better off long than short.
12th hole, par 5, 430 yds:
A straight away hole with a fairway bunker to the right. If you try to reach the green in two make sure you fly the ball all the way as there's a bunker in front of the green. More bunkers lurk left and right but they are further away from the green than the front bunker.
13th hole, par 4, 356:
Seek the left side of the fairway as the right side slopes and the ball will run off the fairway. The narrow green is guarded by bunkers left and right.
14th hole, par 4, 300 yds:
Slight dogleg left. Two large fairway bunkers beyond the trees on the right and another two guarding the corner on the left. You cannot see the green from the fairway, only the top of the flag stick. You'll have to fly the ball all the way to the green as there are numerous bunkers in front. Another small bunker back left of the green.
15th hole, par 3, 155 yds:
Sand and mounds down the left side so going for the right side of the green is the safe play here.
16th hole, par 5, 469 yds:
A large fairway bunker stretches all the way down the right side of the narrow fairway and cuts in front of the green. Keep to the left all the way. No sand behind the green only a grassy run-off area.
17th hole, par 5, 484 yds:
Runs parallel back along the 16th and shares the large fairway bunker. Bunkers left and right of the lay up area and more bunkers around the green.
18th hole, par 4, 341 yds:
Slight dogleg left. Drive it straight or right as long drives going left may end up in the lake in front of the green. Is your drive long enough and ended on the right side of the fairway you may not even have to cross the lake to get to the green which is protected by bunkers left and right.
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