An Overview of "Dominican Labor Law" by Guzman Ariza & Asociados
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Legal FAQ
How long does it take to get a residency?
Provisional residencies can be obtained by law firms for clients in 4 to 6 months. Provisional residency is granted for a year and only at the expiration of that year can the application for permanent residency be filed. It takes approx. 2-3 months after filing for the permanent residency to be granted. Therefore, minimum time for a permanent residency = 4 months + 12 months + 2 months = 18 months

Are proxy divorces possible by Dominican law?
No. At least one of the couple needs to travel to the DR for the divorce. The other couple needs to provide written legalized consent to the divorce. US citizens cannot file for divorce by proxy in the Dominican Republic. For more information on divorces, see Divorces

What kind of businesses can be incorporated?
Dominican law only recognizes three kinds of business forms. These are a corporation of at least seven shareholders and an individually owned company or a partnership.