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Foreign Visas

I would like my friend to visit me. What are the requirements to get a US/Canada visa?
Both the US and Canada primarily seek evidence that the solicitor of the visa is truly interested in entering the US for business, pleasure or medical treatment for a limited period, will not become a burden in the US and has sufficient binding ties in the country of residence outside of the US which will insure their return abroad at the end of the visit. For more information on obtaining a visa to the United States, see

For information on getting a tourist visa to Canada, see

What visa will my girlfriend/boyfriend need to travel to Europe?
Dominicans who have plans to visit Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal or Spain for pleasure need to get a Schengen visa. The Schengen visa allows the holder to move freely in the above countries where the visa is valid.

The visa is issued in Santo Domingo at the embassy or consulates of those countries. Requirements of solvency and a reason to return to the DR are tops on the list of what consular officials require to issue the visa.

The consular officials will require a passport valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the visa, complete application forms, proof of the purpose of the visit. This proof should take the form of an official letter of invitation from your host and a confirmed onward or return ticket (to be shown only once visa is granted). Where applicable, a confirmed hotel booking will be requested.

The traveler need also show evidence of sufficient funds to cover the cost of the intended stay (traveler checks, credit cards or bank statement). Evidence of medical insurance coverage for the Schengen countries or private health insurance or travel insurance valid for the time of the proposed stay may be requested. Also required is a letter from the employer or, if self-employed from an accountant or Chamber of Commerce. Business references may also be required.

Schengen visas cost from 10 pounds for a transit visa to 36 pounds for over three months. 
Please note that holders of Schengen visas are still subject to immigration control and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries, even though they may hold a valid visa for these countries.

Which countries can a Dominican visit without a visa?
Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Ecuador, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Peru, Liechtenstein, Uruguay.

I fell in love with a Dominican and would like to get her to the US. Should I hire an immigration lawyer?
Most frequently, contributors to the board have recommended that you look into the process yourself and decide IF you really need an attorney. Less than 1/2 use an attorney and the ones that do use an attorney take the same time and pay at least $1,500.

If you have any out of the ordinary circumstances, you would be wise to consult an attorney, but if you do not, and you have a little time, it is often reasonable to do it yourself. One contributor said he did all the paperwork and that it was a lot easier than doing his taxes.

I am told that it is easier to get a fiancé visa to bring my girlfriend to the States. Where can I find information on fiancé visa application?  
A good place to start is the very comprehensive Fiance Visa web site at

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