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Why do I live here?

Readers in the past have shared:

I have been living in the DR since 1986 and have no desire to live again in the US. One reason is that I feel old in the US; society is geared to making you a senior citizen at 55. That is not the case here. If you can contribute in any way, it makes no difference what your age is. When someone in his 90s can be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, then it is obvious that age is not the barrier it is in the US.
Extended family and ease of making friends. In the DR it is easy to be adopted by families and friends. One gets to value the warm feeling of having an extended family and lots of friends. New friends introduce one to their friends. Before you know it you have an active social life. 
The attraction of a white Christmas and downhill skiing wore out. It was overtaken by thoughts of gray skies, non stop raining, and days of shovelling stinking snow. One gets to appreciate blue skies year round.
Dominicans do not have body odor. 
I find this country to have THE most patient people in the world....

We encourage you to send in your own reasons for living in the DR. Mail to [email protected]

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