Digital Prez, digital country

Speaking from the United States, President Leonel Fernandez said that as of January his administration will begin a revolutionary program of “electronic government.” According to Que se dice, the must-read column in Hoy newspaper, the President plans to take the country from “the artisanal to the digital.” The project, as he explained, consists of putting all government services online so that citizens may pay their taxes, renew their drivers’ licenses, or request important documents such as birth certificates of professional licenses called “exequaturs.” The columnists asks if the reader can imagine not having to go the government offices, thereby avoiding the pesky “scribes,” the nasty pickpockets, and the “tips” for the parking “attendant” ? not to mention the grotesque spectacle of visiting an official’s office during these times of rampant patronage. It would be the difference between heaven and earth, or, in the words of President Fernandez, going “from the charcoal burner to the microwave.”