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Government seeks investor to renovate Puerto Plata Port

Victor Gomez Casanova, director of the Dominican Port Authority, announced the government is intent on restoring the Port of Puerto Plata for cruise ship visitations and cargo traffic. He made the announcement during the American Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Puerto Plata.

Casanova reported that in 2016, Puerto Plata received 344,341 cruise ship visitors at the Amber Cove facility built by Carnival Cruise in Maimón, Puerto Plata. It was the Amber Cove port’s first full year of operation. As of 31 October 2017, Casanova said 325,585 cruise ship visitors were received at Amber Cove. By thisyear’s end, the total is expected to be more than 400,000. Puerto Plata has received new and more frequent ship stops due to damages suffered at other Caribbean ports following the passing of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Casanova commented on the significant increases in cruise ship visitations nationwide over the past five years. He said that in 2012, the country had received 338,170 cruise ship visitors and that for this 2017, the country expects to receive more than 1.2 million.

Casanova highlighted that the Port of Puerto Plata is key to the economic development of the country. He said the government is seeking an investor to rebuild the port and turn it into a multipurpose facility capable of receiving both cruise ships and cargo ships.

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21 November 2017