Attorney General Office has little to show on Embraer case

Photo: Diario Libre

In the Dominican Republic, new evidence remitted by the Brazilian aviation company, Embraer to the Attorney General Office in accordance to an agreement to share information on the bribes the company admitted to paying to secure a Dominican government aircraft procurement order, has apparently not led to the start of the case against those that were initially accused, reports Diario Libre.

As a follow up to the story, on Tuesday, 18 December 2018, it was reported that a Brazilian court sentenced ten former Embraer executives for having paid US$3.5 million in bribes to Dominican Air Force colonel Carlos Piccini Nuñez. Piccini was the director of special projects for the Dominican Air Force.

The former Embraer executives sentenced in Brazil include vice president Eduardo Muñoz de Campos.

The bribes were to guarantee the sale of eight Super Tucano airplanes to the Dominican Republic for US$92 million during the Leonel Fernandez administration. The case came to the open after the US Department of Justice won a judgement against the company in a US court.

Those initially accused in the case are Air Force Colonel Carlos Piccini Nuñez, Major General Air Force Rafael Peña Antonio, businessmen Daniel Aquino Mendez and Daniel Aquino Hernandez, Ysrael Abreu Rosario, Felix del Orbe Berroa, and the companies Magycorp SRL and 4D Business Group.

A court in the Dominican Republic ordered Embraer to pay a fine of US$7.04 million that is double what the company had admitted in the US court to having paid in 2009 to ensure the Embraer contract.

Nevertheless, on Wednesday, 19 December 2018, Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez responded to the criticism saying that the case would be heard in court on 18 January 2019. He said a team of prosecutors is hard at work preparing the case.

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20 December 2018