Luis Abinader says budget bill is subject to changes

President Luis Abinader says the National Budget bill is a work in progress. The new taxes in the bill have caused an uproar in social media, given that they will mostly affect the middle class. Speaking to the press from the Presidential Palace on Saturday, 3 October 2020, President Abinader said the proposed taxes are temporary. He said at the end of 2021 the government needs to sit to talks for comprehensive tax reform.

Abinader said that the government has received a broke government. He announced that each ministry will present its situation at the change of government so citizens are informed.

When asked, Economy Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton referred journalists to Hacienda Minister Jose Manuel Vicente regarding specific proposed taxes. He made the comment when answering questions posed by journalists after receiving the RD$725 million donation from the European Union for budget support. Ceara Hatton had advocated for a reduction of taxes to stimulate the economy.

Meanwhile, the criticism continues. Former Vice President Rafael Alburquerque said that to tax the Christmas wage would be in violation of Art. 222 in the Labor Code. PRM deputy Orlando Jorge Villegas protested the proposed 3% tax on foreign currency transactions.

Ines Aizpun writes in Diario Libre that instead of creating new taxes the government should eliminate the sludge funds in Congress, the generous funding of political parties, and go after recovering cash from the scandalous fortunes made in the past PLD administrations.

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5 October 2020