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Check out these beaches

The recent upsurge of seaweeds in the Caribbean has pushed reporters in the travel area to check for sargassum-free beaches for Dominican domestic travelers seeking to go beyond Punta Cana resorts where large seaweed barriers have been installed. Luckily there are a fair number. Diario Libre reports on four.

Since last Saturday, 18 September 2021, was World Clean Beach Day, the Diario Libre published the report on the beaches. Mentioned are El Valle in the Samana Peninsula. There is a small fresh water outlet where you can rinse off the salt and beach restaurants are on site.

Next on the list is the famous San Rafael Beach down in Barahona. Famous for its convenient location right off the main road, there is also a fresh water pool right next to the beach. San Rafael is a certain stop for travelers to the Deep South. One of the big pluses at the site is the gastronomy, with fresh seafood and local products. One word of caution. The waters at San Rafael are steeply sloped, which is to say they get deep rather quickly, and there are some big waves from the steady breezes from the southwest.

Further south from Barahona is the kilometric, pristine, nearly untouched star of the entire area, the Bay of Eagles (La Bahia de la Aguilas), right around the corner. Located in Pedernales province, the Bay of Eagles is part of the Jaragua National Park, and as such, it is highly protected from crass exploitation. While camping on the beach is not permitted, there are places nearer to the town of Pedernales that will allow a tent to be put up on the beach at Cabo Rojo.

Finally, there is the beach on the northeast coast near the small town of Cabrera, and known as La Boca or Arroyo Salado. This is a beach without anything but coconut trees for about some four kilometers. Under the trees there are some purveyors of food and drink to make the stay even happier. Happy travels.

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21 September 2021