New cars soon to be working on Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro

Rafael Santos Pérez / El Caribe

The government project to double the capacity of Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro system is now about 75% complete. According to sources at the office of the supervising engineers, the beams, arches, and struts are close to 95% complete and the platforms are 100%. These platforms have been extended to double their length (120 meters) to accommodate six-car trains. All this is an attempt to offer more service, cut down the waiting time, and eliminate as much as possible the long lines. This is certainly good news for the hundreds of thousands of straphangers that use the Metro every week.

The director of the Metro office, Rafael Santos Perez says the Abinader administration has resumed the original plan that calls for an extension of the Santo Domingo Metro Line 1 to Los Alcarrizos, downplaying the skylift initiated by the past Medina administration for the Km 9 to Los Alcarrizos route. Santos Perez says skylifts are best used for specific terrains, such as mountainous areas, that is not the case in the Km 9 to Los Alcarrizos route. He explained the present administration has continued the initial planning for the Metro that called for a regular train service.

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9 May 2022