Woman who killed Chinese boss still is missing

Police spokesman Diego Pesqueira again called for Franyelis Furcal to turn herself in.
Franyelis Furcal went missing after on 21 April she stabbed a Chinese man in the hardware store where she worked on Av. Duarte. Her father, Juan Francisco Furcal, says he is worried and anguished for not knowing the whereabouts of his daughter. He asks his daughter to turn herself in.

The Police shared the video the store p rovided to them that showed when the woman stabbed the Chinese national. The security cameras of the hardware store recorded the event where the man threw an object at the employee, who responded by throwing something else at him, and then the Chinese man kicked the Dominican woman, who then took a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen. She video showed when she returns with other Chinese bosses for help.

The video of when she would have left the store, if she was alone or accompanied, has never been shown.

Her family says they have not had any contact with her after the incident and they are increasingly worried as they do not know in what condition she might be found.

“I am waiting for her to contact me to resolve, but she has not communicated with me, nor with any of her family either. I have made many calls to her, because until she does not appear we cannot solve this problem,” the fugitive’s father, as reported in Noticias SIN.

Several people close to the Furcal family are still astonished by the fact, while they assure that since the moment of the crime, “they have never heard from the young woman again”. Friends and family say she has always been a good and exemplary mother who provided for her three children of 12, 9 and 3 years of age.

Meanwhile, the Police spokesman, Diego Pesqueira once again called on the woman to turn herself in. “The National Police reiterates the request to the lady, reiterates the call to the lady to turn herself in voluntarily to answer to the fact that she is accused and that was captured on video cameras,” said Pesqueira.

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12 May 2022