Greater Santo Domingo transport moves RD$18.25 billion in fares

Public transport moves upwards of RD$18.25 billion a year in fares only in Greater Santo Domingo, Acento reports in its 22 June 2022 issue. The online media explains that transport companies control the market, many of these at times ensuring control of routes through vandalism. The major players are Fenatrano (59.04%), Mochotran (24.1%), Conatra (13.25%), Unatrafin (3.61%), are the biggest players in the 204 routes registered by the government transport regulator, Intrant.

An estimated 3 million people commute in Santo Domingo every day. 42% do so by private means, 36% by public transport and 21% on foot, according to Intrant statistics.

The report says the efforts to organize the sector have been affected by irregularities. The complaints range from the non-compliance with the law that called for an international tender for the purchase of the vehicles, the import of overvalued buses and an alleged mafia in the licenses granted to Conatra and Mochotran to operate new corridors. The new corridors operate as public-private alliances.

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22 June 2022