President names ousted former Youth Minister vice consul in Barcelona

Previous to the appointment as the country’s new deputy consul in Barcelona, Spain, Luz del Alba Jiménez had made headlines following accusations of corruption in office. She was removed from her position.

Apparently she was never prosecuted for the charges. She had replaced Kinsberly Taveras Duarte (Kimberly Taveras), the first choice when President Luis Abinader began his government in August 2020. Taveras Duarte had also been removed on charges of having accumulated enormous wealth during her short years in municipal government without being able to substantiate the sources.

Listin Diario reports that Luz del Alba Jimenez, former Minister of Youth, was appointed vice consul at the Dominican Consulate in Barcelona, Spain on 14 February (Decree 53-23).

Listin Diario says that its sources in the Senate say the appointment was not approved or rejected in the Senate as established by law.

Luz del Alba Jimenez was appointed as head of the Ministry of Youth in December 2020, with Decree 786-21 and cancelled in December 2021, by Decree 694-20, after being accused of orchestrating alleged acts of corruption by wanting to benefit in tenders two companies called Gretmon and SketchProm for a value of RD$3 million through the person in charge of procurement at the Ministry, Jose Ramon Liria. No charges were levied.

President Luis Abinader had campaigned that there would be no impunity in his government.

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8 March 2023