Crespo says motorcyclist chaos is for lack of applying Intrant Law 63-17

Motorcyclists are involved in most traffic accidents in the Dominican Republic. Congressman Rafael Tobias Crespo, the author of Law 63-17, on Mobility, Land Transportation, Transit and Road Safety of the Dominican Republic, says that government authorities have yet to apply the law correctly, as reported in N Digital. He stresses the law has articles that guarantee that motorcyclists circulate in a framework of respect and safety without turning the streets into chaos as happens today.

Deputy Crespo (National District – Fuerza del Pueblo) says that the agents of the Transit and Road Transport Safety (Digesett) and the National Institute of Road Transport (Intrant) and the city governments must play their roles in regards to imposing controls.

He criticized the lack of compliance of the law and that the authorities even allow that motorcyclists use sidewalks to circulate. Today only in the National District do motorcyclists use their helmets, but motorcyclists in the capital city do not adhere to the rules that say the persons accompanying them must also wear a helmet. In most of the rest of the Dominican Republic, motorcyclists circulate without helmets even when the law is the same for all provinces.

Arts. 75-79 of Intrant law establish rules for motorcyclists. Crespo made the remarks after reports in N Digital that focus on the chaos motorcyclists inflict in cities.

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25 May 2023