Preventive custody for six accused of murdering four members of a family

On Monday, 18 September 2023, a Dajabón judge ordered three months of preventive detention against six men. Prosecutors accuse these of the murder of four members of a family in Dajabon province. One family member survived the assault on their family home.

The court imposed the coercive measures on Pacheco Beltrán, Adonis José Morillo or Adogny José Morillo Rodríguez, Frandy Luimenez and Haitian nationals Henrinose Jickel, Wesin Yan and Olux Maxos, who together with Delicier Watson (deceased) teamed up for an assault to the family home of the Hernandez Cabreja family. In the incident, Ramón Eugenio Medina Hernández (Papito), Carmelina Antonia Cabreja Ramos, Cristopher Daniel Medina Cabreja and Charlo Veloz Quesada were killed. Cristhian de Jesús López Cabreja survived a head gun wound.

Prosecutors Daniel Estrella and Evelin González, in charge of the litigation and investigation of the case, provided the evidence that led Judge Aleida Franco to order the pre-trial detention.

The bloody incident occurred on 4 September 2023, when the accused, all with firearms, showed up at the cattle ranch of the family located in the La Barrera area, La Gorra section, in the Partido municipality, Dajabón province.

The prosecutors suspect the motive was theft. The assailants stole RD$80,000 and the cell phones of the victims, among other items.

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19 September 2023