Prompt action by a Metro car driver avoids major crash

The Santo Domingo Metro office (Opret) issued a preliminary report on the Saturday, 16 September 2023 frontal collision of two trains. Opret says the accident was due to several violations in the operation protocols made by one of the conductors.

In a statement, Opret said their personnel and specialized international technicians participated in the presenting of the preliminary findings on the occurrence that left nine injured. The investigation continues with the participation of government security investigations to define what happened and why. Two persons were hospitalized to ensure they did not suffer serious injuries and then these were sent home. The train cars suffered damages. The service was resumed shortly.

The preliminary Opret report states: “The investigation so far indicates several violations by the driver of the established operating protocols, which in a short time caused the train to move on the opposite track, activating the security system without allowing it to accelerate to more than 20 km/h and stopping 268 meters from the Mamá Tingó station.”

The report says that the driver who would have violated the protocols has been working in the company for 11 years, and has more than 1,500 hours of driving the Metro. Regarding the other driver, the report indicates that he activated the brakes in time, preventing the greater impact. The crash left at least nine people injured.

After the accident on Saturday, 16 September at 10:59 in the morning on Line 1 of the Santo Domingo Metro, and the collision of two of our trains between the Gregorio Urbano Gilbert and Mamá Tingó stations, an investigative team made up of personnel from Opret departments and specialized international technicians sought to explain the near possibly fatal incident.

The accident occurred on a curve, preventing proper visibility between both trains and reducing the reaction capacity of the operator driving the train in the correct direction towards the Mamá Tingó station. The appropriate behavior of this second driver, activating the emergency brakes, enabled a drastic reduction in the severity of the collision between both units, reported Opret.

After an exhaustive review of the mechanical, electrical and systems part, Opret reports that it guarantees all users of the Santo Domingo Metro the continuity of operations, with the quality and safety standards that have always characterized the service. This is the first accident since the service began in 2009.

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19 September 2023