The terms of five Constitutional Court judges expire in December 2023

The National Council of the Judiciary is preparing to meet to choose five new Constitutional Court judges whose terms are soon to expire.

Five new judges, including the president of the Constitutional Court, need to be chosen this December 2023. The Constitutional Court is the highest echelon for justice in the Dominican Republic.

The term of first president of the Constitutional Court, Milton Ray Guevara expires this December 2023, when he completes his 12-year term. The terms also expire for four other judges, reports Diario Libre.

Rafael Díaz Filpo, Lino Vásquez Samuel, Víctor Joaquín Castellanos Pizano and Justo Pedro Castellanos Khoury are the judges that need to be replaced by the National Council of the Judiciary (CNM).

The organization appointed the judges on 21 December 2011. They are the last ones who still remain in the TC of the first judges appointed to the court.

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19 September 2023