Digesett installs center to monitor traffic in real-time; says videos are available to the general public

Before leaving his position as director of the Traffic and Land Transportation Agency (Digesett), Major General Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta inaugurated the renovated Command and Control Center for Greater Santo Domingo. Guzman Peralta was named new director of the National Police as of 14 November 2023. He also left in operation a new training center for Digesett agents that includes a unit to train traffic police officers in the use of body camera units.

The Digesett Command and Control Center (Cemaco) operates in coordination with the 911 Emergency System.

Present for the inauguration was 9-1-1 Emergency System, Colonel Randolfo Rijo Gómez. Rijo Gomez is now the acting director of the National Transport and Transit Agency (Intrant). Colonel Guillermo Angomás, in charge of information technology at Digesett was responsible for the renovations at the Cemaco to ensure better monitoring of traffic operations and efficiency in traffic management in Greater Santo Domingo. All 911 cameras can be viewed in real-time.

The announcement of technology renovations under Digesett and 911 Emergency System comes at a time when the newly contracted Intrant intelligent traffic system is under investigation for major irregularities. The director of 911 Emergency System, Randolfo Rijo, was named to replace the director of Intrant as investigations continue.

The Digesett press release explains that Cemaco is fundamental to Digesett operations as it gathers information and coordinates actions to maintain order and road safety on land roads in real-time. With this renewal, the operational capacity of the entity has been strengthened and decision-making is improved, allowing a faster and more effective response to emergencies or special events that may occur on city roads.

The Cemaco renovations include a new reception area, a modern office for the manager, a meeting table for traffic analysis and decision-making.

The operators’ area now has seven digital communications radios and four digital repeaters, these with direct links to the National 911 Emergency System. Fourteen 63-inch monitors now allow operators to observe the critical points, traffic behavior and intersections with the highest vehicle flow in Greater Santo Domingo. Cemaco also has a new data center.

The body camera unit was launched with 165 cameras that traffic officers will wear placed on their vests, able to capture audio, videos or photographs.

This will contribute to better performance of the agents in their actions, while they carry out their functions when interacting with drivers.

A fully equipped training area was also inaugurated to train personnel who work in the entity.

Thanks to GPS technology, the new system allows the exact and immediate identification of any video at the request of a citizen or security agency, including the Public Ministry.

Major General Guzmán Peralta explained that with these tools, Digesett is connected with agents in real-time when an event occurs and can resolve any traffic anomaly in record time.

The new Cemaco installations have bathrooms for men and women, and a storage area.

Guzmán Peralta highlighted the importance of this renewal to strengthen Digesett’s commitment to road safety and the well-being of citizens. He appreciated the hard work of all team members involved in this project.

“The use of this technology is a key tool to provide safe and efficient traffic throughout the national territory, thus guaranteeing a greater capacity to respond to emergencies and more effective traffic management for the benefit of all drivers on the roads,” he emphasized.

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15 November 2023