Not much loyalty to political parties

When the current four-year legislative period, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) had six senators and 73 deputies. They were the second-strongest party in the National Congress. However, as time has passed, there has been a constant stream of resignations and departures from the party.

Some 25 legislators have resigned from the former ruling party and most have passed to another political party.

The newly created People’s Force (Fuerza del Pueblo or FP), brought to life by three-time former president Leonel Fernandez when he was not chosen as the party’s candidate in the 2020 presidential election, has taken in most of the “turncoats”, and the now ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) has harbored others.

And some have gone the Bernie Sanders route and become “independent” congressmen, something rather unusual in Dominican politics.

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20 November 2023