Two weeks to go for the municipal elections

With less than two weeks to go for the Sunday, 18 February 2024 municipal elections in 158 municipalities, it seems most of the campaigning is happening online. Otherwise, in Greater Santo Domingo, where most of the voters are concentrated, with its third of the population, there seems to be little interest in the 18 February 2024 municipal elections.

There are face posters of the leading candidates on the roads, but few people know who are the city councilors that are competing in the 2024 elections. This year for the first time, people will be able to vote for a city councilor for their specific neighborhood.

The call is for eight million Dominicans to exercise their right to vote for the candidates to 2,292 elective positions.

With the countdown approaching its end and some 158 mayoralties, 1,164 council members, 235 municipal directorates and 735 members will compete in the February election.

Esto No Es Radio held a program in which candidates for councilor for the National District were able to present their positions on key issues.

In Greater Santo Domingo, National District Mayor Carolina Mejia (ruling PRM) and Santo Domingo North’s Mayor Carlos Guzman (Alianza Rescate RD – PLD + FP) are both running for reelection.

The candidates in Greater Santo Domingo (National District and Santo Domingo province) are:

National District:
Carolina Mejia (PRM)
Domingo Contreras (Alianza Rescate RD – PLD + FP)
Franiel Genao (Opcion Democrática)

Santo Domingo East:
Dio Astacio (PRM)
Julio Romero (FP)
Luis Alberto Tejeda (PLD)

Santo Domingo West:
Francisco Peña (PRM)
Aquilino Serrata Alianza Opositora Rescate RD (PLD + FP).

Santo Domingo North:
Carlos Guzman (Alianza Rescate RD – PLD + FP)
Betty Geronimo (PRM). Betty Geronimo is the wife of Francisco Fernandez, former mayor of Santo Domingo North (2010-2016).
Tony Marte (son of senator and transport tycoon Antonio Marte) is running for Primero La Gente.

The rules allow for campaigning until midnight 15 February 2024. After that, citizens have days to reflect on who to cast their vote for and whether to go to vote or not.

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5 February 2024