Thais Herrera takes on Everest Expedition

Industrial engineer Thais Herrera is on her way to attempt the climbing of Mount Everest (8,848m) in Tibet. She expects to complete the climb in May-June 2024. She would be the first Dominican woman to attempt the climb. She chose the north side of the Everest, that only accepts around 150 people for the climb.

In a recent interview on Esta Noche con Mariasela, she explained the actual climb takes about four months, as the hikers need to slowly acclimatize to the extreme heights and conditions. Mount Everest is the highest and largest plateau on planet Earth.

Herrera is a very experienced mountain climber. Earlier this year, she was in Antarctica. She has climbed the Denali (5,500 m) in Alaska, the tallest mountain in North America, and the Kilmanjaro in Tanzania (5,895 m), the highest in Africa.

Thais Herrera is also the owner of Asertiva RD, a company that specializes in outdoor training and team building. She is a university professor at the Barna Management School.

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25 March 2024