Abinader’s second inaugural will be 3-day affair; many heads of state confirm they will be here

President Luis Abinader discussed his upcoming inauguration ceremony during his weekly Monday LA Semanal con la Prensa press conference held on 8 July 2024 in Montecristi, the country’s most northwestern province.

Abinader confirmed on Monday that several heads of state, including those from Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guyana in the Americas would attend his second-term inauguration on 16 August 2024. Also the King of Spain.

Abinader said inaugural events are organized over three days, 15 and 16 August in Santo Domingo and 17 August in Santiago de los Caballeros. The inaugural falls over a weekend.

The US has yet to confirm who will be coming for the inaugural.

Abinader expressed confidence that more confirmations, including information on the US delegation , would follow in the coming days.

Abinader told the press: “Many friends, investors, and celebrities have expressed interest in attending and participating in our country’s reinauguration, and we will present something befitting our nation.”

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9 July 2024