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Daily News - Monday, 27 January 2014

President Medina flies to Honduras, Cuba
President Danilo Medina flew to Tegucigalpa, Honduras on Sunday afternoon, 26 January to attend today's inaugural ceremony for Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez Alvarado. He will then travel on to the Cuban capital Havana for the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) tomorrow Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 January. His entourage includes Presidency Minister Gustavo Montalvo, Presidency Administrative Minister Jose Ramon Peralta, Minister of Interior and Police Jose Ramon Fadul, and Minister of Economy Temistocles Montas. Medina was received by Dominican ambassador in Honduras Jose Osvaldo Leger.

The CELAC summit hosted by President Raul Castro is also being attended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS) Jose Miguel Insulza. The 33-member CELAC is an initiative by late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that groups all countries of the Americas with the exception of USA and Canada. It held its first formal summit in 2013 in Santiago, Chile, the outgoing chair, now to be succeeded by Cuba.


Duarte Day celebrations
President Danilo Medina and First Lady Candida Montilla spent Sunday, 26 January participating events honoring founding father Juan Pablo Duarte. They included a Te Deum at the Santo Domingo Cathedral. At the event, Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez lauded Duarte as "the greatest Dominican in history," who despite being betrayed on many occasions never gave up until he led the country to its independence. President Mejia also visited the Altar de la Patria, where he laid a white floral tribute in Duarte's memory.


Ministry of Education spent RD$21 billion in December
To comply with the law that calls for the government to spend 4% of GDP on education, the Ministry of Education disbursed RD$21 billion in December, as reported in Diario Libre. The newspaper said that as of 10 December, the government had allocated RD$74.2 billion to the Ministry, but by 31 December, the Ministry reported expenditures for RD$95.4 billion, or 95.79% of the budgeted amount.


Wage increases for police agents
A police private now officially makes RD$7,000 a month, after a RD$883.29 or 14.4% wage increase on top of the previous RD$6,117 wage. But new police recruits will be making less. The wage increases in the police were gradually greater according to rank to reach 30% for the high-ranking second lieutenants. The police brigade generals now make RD$37,300, while the Police chief is paid RD$81,785 per month.


Vilchez Bournigal: Favorability clause does not apply to illegal immigrants
Legal expert Luis Manuel Vilchez Bournigal analyzes the constitutional principle of "favorability" now that many are invoking it in their demands for Dominican citizenship for undocumented individuals in the DR.

The discussions have followed the emission of Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13 that ordered the implementation of the Foreigner Legalization Plan for documenting people living in the Dominican Republic. The plan gives undocumented individuals 18 months to regularize their legal status as residents or nationals or face deportation.

Vilchez says that the favorability clause in the Constitution 2010, Art 74-4 states: "Public authorities shall interpret and apply the rules on fundamental rights and their guarantees, in the manner most favorable to the rights holder, and in case of conflict regarding fundamental rights, will seek to reconcile the assets and interests protected by this Constitution."

Vilchez writes that critics of the ruling are not considering that for a person to benefit from the favorability principle, first that person had to have had the right that the person aspires to and seeks to be favored with the favorable interpretation.

Vilchez says then it is absurd that a person who has not legally obtained this right can uphold the principle of favorability. He believes that the Constitutional Court judges were correct in their definition that children of foreigners who had entered Dominican territory irregularly or illegally do not automatically qualify for Dominican citizenship. He says that to benefit from this right to Dominican nationality, they would have to have entered abiding with the Constitutional and the immigration laws of that time.

The rule "Nemo plus juris ad alium transferre potest quam ipse habet" or the Latin phrase, 'no one can transfer a greater right than he himself has' applies here. He commented that if you are not an owner of something, you cannot pass on this right, because "an illegality cannot create a right."

He opposed the proposal of a general amnesty law on the grounds that this would violate Art. 4 of the Constitution that calls for separation of branches of state or Art. 18 of the Constitution that establishes who are Dominican nationals and even Ruling 168-13 of the Constitutional Court. He said that any law that Congress may pass that does not comply with the ruling would be in violation of the Constitution.

In his opinion, that proposal would be like putting a straightjacket on the Constitutional Court, which would be intromission of the legislative branch in the judicial branch with one branch trying to annul the decision of another.

Vilchez comments: "The opponents of the ruling of the Constitutional Court want to pretend that it is not a humanitarian decision, when what is sought with the Foreigner Legalization Plan is to regulate a situation of foreigners who have always been in a situation of illegality in the country. What is inhumane is to place obstacles to these persons being regularized.

In his opinion, the solutions need to comply with the Constitution and the Constitutional Court decision.




The author can be reached at [email protected]

Tony Raful wins National Literature Award
The Ministry of Culture, with the sponsorship of the Fundacion Corripio, has chosen PRD politician and poet Tony Raful for the National Literature Award 2014. The members of the jury were UASD rector Mateo Aquino Febrillet, UNPHU rector Miguel Fiallo Calderon, INTEC rector Rolando M. Guzman, UCSD rector Jesus Castro Marte, Carmen Perez Valerio from the PUCMM and Miguel Phipps, representing the UCE university.

When interviewed about the award, Raful told Diario Libre: "Politics are circumstantial in my life; I am a poet."

Raful, who will receive a cash prize of RD$1 million, is also known for his essays on historical figures of the 20th century. The award ceremony will take place at the National Theater in Santo Domingo on 19 February 2014 at 7:30pm.


Leonel Fernandez: PLD will rule to 2044!
The president of the ruling PLD party, former President Leonel Fernandez swore in the new Central Committee of the PLD yesterday, Sunday 26 January, including the new 168 members who were chosen by voting party members last week. Speaking at the ceremony, Fernandez stressed that as of now in the PLD there are no longer "danilistas" or "leonelistas", only PLD party members who will work for the benefit of the party. He said that the adversary is not within, but outside the party. The Central Committee now has 224 members. Thirty new Political Committee members were also elected at the event, which took place at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel in Santo Domingo. The members will now attend the party's 8th Ordinary Norge Botello Congress, where major structural changes are expected. Speaking at the event, Fernandez said: "At this 8th Ordinary Norge Botello Congress we aspire to start a third cycle of the PLD's political life as of 2016, which with all the years added together would be 20 years more to 2036, but as fellow party member Joaquin Jeronimo has said, we should think ahead... we should think of the symbolic and emblematic year of 2044 when the bicentennial of the Republic is to be celebrated," said Fernandez. He said he expected the PLD would still be in government in that year.


PRSC elects Antun Batlle for president
At the PRSC 9th Ordinary Assembly, which took place yesterday, Sunday 26 January, the party members elected engineer Federico Antun Batlle as their president. His two rival candidates, Amable Aristy Castro and Jose Hazim Frappier chose not to run. Other members of the new PRSC leadership are first vice president Louis Bogaert, general secretary Ramon Rogelio Genao, second vice president Rafaela Alburquerque, organizational secretary Miguel Bogaert, electoral affairs coordinator Maximo Castro Silverio, and events secretary Ramon Felix Madera. The new party officials were sworn in by acting PRSC president Joaquin Ricardo.

Prince Felipe's plane in trouble again
The Spanish Air Force Airbus A-310 in which Prince Felipe was scheduled to fly to Honduras made a technical stop in Santo Domingo on Sunday, 26 January, but had to return due to mechanical problems. As reported, the plane is serviced by Airbus. The Prince was due to meet with President Porfirio Lobo of Honduras in the afternoon. This is the second time that the engine of the same plane has suffered problems, as reported in El Pais. The government of Spain has two Airbus A-310s for the Prime Minister and the members of the Royal Family.


Runaway teens story update
A British boarding school is reportedly willing to admit runaway teenagers 16-year old Indira Gainiyeva and 16-year old Edward Bunyan, after their school, Stonyhurst College said it would not take them back, UK media reports. The teenagers left the school without permission on 13 January.

An online newspaper report from Kazakhstan, nevertheless, says that at least Indira Gainiyeva will be leaving England. As reported, she will return to her home city, Kyzylorda. Her father, Ravil Gainiyeva traveled to Punta Cana to pick her up. "Everything is under control now, and we want to bring Indira back home to Kazakhstan," Indira's father Ravil Gainiyeva told the journalists.

Edward Bunyan's mother Susanne had already arrived to help the Dominican police locate the children.

When they went missing from the school, Interpol tracked them down to taking a flight to the Dominican Republic. Initially they were thought to be in Puerto Plata. Their credit card trail then led the Police to Punta Cana.

As reported, the teenagers moved to a US$100 a week apartment when they learned they were being tracked via their credit card payments. As reported, they were found in a cafe in Punta Cana.

UK newspaper the Telegraph says that the kids were running away from the bad British weather.



Quirino Paulino Castillo's good deal sour to Dominicans
He spent eight years in jail, but recent news reports speculate that the deal he struck with the US judiciary gives Dominican drug trafficker Quirino Paulino Castillo the option of returning to the Dominican Republic or staying in the US to enjoy the considerable wealth accumulated during his years of involvement in drug trafficking. Quirino Paulino is thought to have been the biggest Dominican drug trafficker until his arrest in 2004, as reported in El Dia. His case was heard at the US Attorney Southern District of New York after his extradition to the US, the result of a joint investigation between the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the DR National Drug Control Agency (DNCD) sponsored by the United States Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF).

Paulino Castillo was arrested by the DNCD in the DR on 18 December 2004 along with the seizure of 1,387 kilograms of cocaine.

On Friday, 24 January, it was reported that he would be released. Confiscated property worth millions and linked to drug trafficking operations may now need to be restored to Paulino Castillo. El Dia reports that his fortune was estimated at RD$1.1 billion at the time of his arrest in 2004. It reports that the deal he struck with the US authorities only demands the return of US$14.5 million, or approximately RD$500 million. Quirino may be allowed to keep RD$600 million that have now been laundered by the judicial decision, which effectively legitimized the money, speculates the newspaper. The agreement also allows for Quirino and the family (18 members in total) to reside in the US.

Bolivar Sanchez, general inspector for the Dominican prosecutor's office, complained: "We never find out the details of any deal that the US authorities have struck with the drug traffickers". He added that if it is true that they are ordering the return of assets confiscated from Quirino, then the wrong message is being sent. He said that local prosecutors risk their lives and that of their families and are not taken into account when deals of this kind are made, as reported in Diario Libre.

Servio Tulio Castanos Guzman, executive vice president of the Foundation for Institutionalism and Justice (FINJUS) also says the message being delivered is not the right one, as reported in Diario Libre. He expressed doubt that the custodian of the assets, Attorney General Francisco Dominguez Brito would return them.

Castanos believes that the Dominican government needs to review the way in which it negotiates with the individuals to be extradited and the consequences of deals being reached abroad. "It would appear that it is not in our interest to extradite organized crime members," he told Diario Libre.

Ethics Commission chairman Marino Vinicio Castillo says that this has been happening for years when deals are struck by the criminals. "The problem is that when they get out (the drug traffickers) they have the resources to continue operating, causing fear and violence, and that has to be changed," he commented.

Meanwhile, the president of Hogar Crea Dominicano, a drug addiction rehabilitation center, said that on occasions they have had to return assets that had been seized from the traffickers, despite the fact they had been obtained illicitly.

As reported, Paulino delivered crucial information to the US authorities on the operation of Mexico's Norte del Valle cartel.







Escogido ties the playoffs
After losing the first three games to the Tigres del Licey, the Leones del Escogido has made a comeback to win the next three games. Last night, Sunday 26 January at the Quisqueya Ballpark the Escogido took advantage of seven errors made by the Tigres del Licey. The Leones del Escogido won 9-6. The series is now 3-3. The playoffs are nine games, with the first to win five games the winner. The playoffs continue with games on Monday 27, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 January.

Luguelin does well in Canada
To the applause of all present, and times of 33.27 (300m) and 1.16.9 (600m), Dominican 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Luguelin Santos at all times led in the races at the 19th McGill Team Challenge, a prestigious track invitational in Canada. Santos was in Canada to train at the indoor track to prepare for overseas commitments in the indoor circuit. Santos trains in both Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and came to Montreal to train for three weeks.

See the races at http://youtu.be/YDgScbfBOBI and www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxeqTYLRDFA

Soberano Awards nominees announced
The nominations for the Soberano Awards were announced by the Association of Show Business Writers (Acroarte) yesterday, Sunday 26 January. The annual show that recognizes the best of the year will be held on 18 March at the National Theater.

The complete list of nominees for their performances in 2013 is:

Classics & Theater:

Best Actor of the Year:
Hector Anibal (Legally Blonde), Ivan Garcia (Visitando a Mr. Green), Carlos Espinal (Peter El Rojo), Stuart Ortiz (Un sueno azul para morir), Claudio Rivera (La peste de estos dias).
Best Actress of the Year:
Aleja Johnson (La luz de un cigarillo), Akary Endo (Legally Blonde), Licelotte Nin (Tinglado de acero), Cecilia Garcia (Glorius), Yasiris Baez (Un sueno azul para morir).
Best Theater Director:
Carlos Espinal (Peter el rojo), Mario Lebron (Visitando a Mr. Green), Germana Quintana (La luz de un cigarillo), Claudio Rivera (La peste de estos dias), Haffe Serulle (Un sueno azul para morir).
Best Drama Production:
La luz de un cigarillo (Germana Quintana), Peter el rojo (Amaury Esquea and Victor Alonzo), La peste de estos dias (Claudio Rivera, Visitando a Mr. Green (Mario Lebron), Un sueno azul para morir (Haffe Serulle).
Best Theater Actress:
Aleja Johnson (La luz de un cigarillo), Akary Endo (Legally Blonde), Licelotte Nin (Tinglado de acero), Cecilia Garcia (Glorius), Yasiris Baez (Un sueno azul para morir).
Best Theater Actor:
Hector Anibal (Legally Blonde), Ivan Garcia (Visitando a Mr. Green), Carlos Espinal (Peter El Rojo), Stuart Ortiz (Un sueno azul para morir), Claudio Rivera (La peste de estos dias).

Dance, Music and Shows:

Best Classical Dancer:
Jonathan Castillo (Gala Estrellas de la Danza Mundial and Las Noches), Pablo Perez (Gala Estrellas de la Danza Mundial and Las Noches), Maria Valeria Melogno (Gala Estrellas de la Danza Mundial and Las Noches).
Best Classical/ Modern Choreographer:
Benny Perez (Legally Blonde), Armando Gonzalez (La viuda alegre), Carlos Veitia (La bella durmiente).
Best Classical/Modern Performance: La viuda alegre (Edgar Perez), La Boheme (Fidel Lopez and Jose Antonio Molina), Las noches... and Hay un pais en el mundo (Marianela Sallent), La bella durmiente (Carlos Veitia)
Best Classical Vocalist:
Paola Gonzalez (La Boheme), Enrique Pina (La Viuda Alegre), Nathalie Pena-Comas (IV Concierto Temporada Sinfonica).
Best Musical:
Legally Blonde (Jose Rafael Reyes), Super Willie contra los villanos (Amaury Sanchez).
Most Outstanding Dominican Artist Abroad: Michel Camilo, Aisha Syed.
Best Popular Group Abroad:
Romeo, Juan Luis Guerra, Illegales, Prince Royce, Hector Acosta.
Best Vocalist of the Year: Pavel Nunez, Wason Brazoban, Anthony Rios.
Best Orchestra:
Miriam Cruz, Hector Acosta, Eddy Herrera, Los Hermanos Rosario, Johnny Ventura
Best Contemporary Religious Music:
Johan Paulino, Alex Nunez, Rosa Karina, Raquel Amparo.
Best Orchestration and Musical Arranger:
Victor Waill, Juan Valdez, Peng Bian Sang, Yiyo Sarante.
Best Songwriter:
Romeo (Propuesta Indecente, singer Romeo),
Prince Royce (Darte un beso, singer Prince Royce), Ramon Orlando (Esa loca, singer Miriam Cruz), (Esta noche, sung by Sexappeal),
Manuel Jimenez (Juan Pablo Duarte, Miranda, Sendero, sung by Manuel Jimenez), Argelis Rivas (Esta noche sung by Raulin Rodriguez).
Best Music CD:
Libertad, libertad, libertad, La Memoria Heroica (Manuel Jimenez), Jazzeando El Cancionero Dominicano (Peng Bian Sang), Impecable Reserva Especial (Michell), Siempre Diva (Miriam Cruz), El Viejo ta' en la Calle (Johnny Ventura).
Merengue Song of the Year:
Esa Loca (Miriam Cruz, Composer: Ramon Orlando), Me siento bien (Eddy Herrera, Composer: Martin de Leon), La hora cero (Los Hermanos Rosario, Composer: Rene Solis).
Bachata Song of the Year:
24 Horas (Frank Reyes, Composer: Martin de Leon),
Esta Noche (Raulin Rodriguez, Composer: Argelis Rivas),
El Cuchicheo (Joe Veras, Composer: Joe Veras), Propuesta Indecente (Romeo Santos, Composer: Romeo Santos), Darte un beso (Prince Royce, Composer: Prince Royce).
Comedy of the Year:
Que viva el relajo (Producer: Ramses Peralta, Teatro La Fiesta, Hotel Jaragua
Julio Sabala 25 Aniversario (Producer: Cesar Suarez Jr), Teatro Nacional
La risa es una cura (Producer: Dister Arias), Teatro La Fiesta, Hotel Jaragua.
Best Urban Artist/Group: Ilegales, Vakero, Mozart La Para, El Poeta Callejero, El Lapiz.
Best Bachata Group:
Raulin Rodriguez, Anthony Santos, Joe Veras
Best Grassroots Music Group:
El Prodigio, Banda Real, Krisspy, Giovanny Polanco, Urbanda
Best Salsa Performance:
Alex Matos, Sexappeal, Michel, David Kada, Yiyo Sarante.
Newcomer of the Year:
Chiquito Team Band, La Nueva Escuela, Aura.

Television & Radio:

Best Investigative Journalism or Special Program: Nuria (Nuria Piera), El Informe (Alicia Ortega), Zona 5 (Laura Castellanos), Mil Historias (Judith Leclerc), Codigo calle (Adis Burgos, Santiago).
Best Daily Variety TV program:
Chevere Nights, De Extremo a Extremo, El Show del Mediodia
Best Weekly Variety TV Program:
Divertido con Jochy, Mas Roberto, Aqui se habla espanol, Con Domingo y el Pacha, Sabado Extraordinario.
Best Weekly TV show:
Noche de Luz (Luz Garcia), Con Jatnna (Jatnna Tavarez), De Calle con Dafne (Dafne Guzman), Lunatik (Karina Larrauri)
Best Regional Variety Show:
Francisco muy diferente, Con Brenda (Brenda Sanchez), Ustedes y nosotros (Jose Fabian, El show de Nelson (Nelson Javier), Mediodia 55 (Jeancarlos Sanchez).
Best Children's TV program:
Kankimania, El Parque Intrepido, Vivan los ninos
Best Seasonal Program:
Revelaciones (Tania Baez), Acceso Total (Georgina Duluc).
Best TV Comedy:
A reir con Raymond y Miguel (Telemicro), Boca de Piano es un Show (Telemicro) , Happy Team (Color Vision)
Best Comedian:
Fausto Mata, Miguel Cespedes, Carlos Sanchez, Irving Alberti, Raymond Pozo
Best Broadcaster:
Roberto Cavada, Dennys Richard, Reynaldo Infante, Gustavo Olivo, Albert Marte.
Best Broadcaster abroad:
Mariela Encarnacion, Enriquito Rojas, Tony Dandrade, Lourdes Stephen, Frederick Martinez (El Pacha).
Best TV MC:
Michael Miguel, Frederick Martinez (El Pacha), Jochy Santos, Domingo Bautista.
Best TV Host:
Roberto Angel Salcedo, Milagros German, Daniel Sarcos, Pamela Sued.
Best TV Special Program:
Cordillera Central Dominicana: Oasis del Caribe (Fundacion Propagas, director: Maximo Jose Rodriguez), Las Expediciones de Junio: Hacia la libertad o la muerte, director: Fernando Quiroz)
Best Video Clip of the Year:
Rock Radio (Toque Profundo, Director: Tuto Guerrero), Ella me vivia (El Prodigio, directors: Chick Pox and Ernesto Alemany), Donde estas (Ultima Bengala, director: Pedro Justiniano), Makina (Los Teke Teke, director: Aris Media of ADMediaFilms, Palabras, palabras (Alexa, director: Waldo Van Horst).
Best Movie:
Quien manda, La Montana, Biodegradable, El teniente Amado, Cristo Rey.
Best Movie Director:
Ronnie Castillo (Quien manda), Felix Limardo (El teniente Amado), Tabare Blanchard and Ivan Herrera (La montana), Juan Basanta (Biodegradable), Leticia Tonos (Cristo Rey).
Best Movie Actor:
Frank Perozo (Quien manda), Henky Madera (Biodegradable), Kenny Grullon (Arroba), Fausto Mata (Sanky Panky II), Jalsen Santana (Cristo Rey).
Best Movie Actress:
Nashla Bogaert (Quien manda), Cecilia Garcia (Biodegradable), Alina Vargas (Sanky Panky II), Veronica Lopez (Sanky Panky II), Laura Diaz (Quien manda).

Merengue and salsa at Jet Set
Dance to the merengue rhythms of Sergio Vargas and to the salsa sounds of Team Band at Jet Set disco this evening, Monday 27 January. The disco is located in El Portal, on Avenida Independencia in Santo Domingo.

For more on upcoming events, see www.dr1.com/calendar

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